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Keep your chin up, Peter.Collapse )
Clairba can't count money for shitskeys (but she CAN draw!)Collapse )
...Micky does not realize the importance of safety goggles.Collapse )
This is a drawing I've had in my head for a while...and I've finally drawn it. :) 
Aww, look...they're fauns.Collapse )
So I found a poem...Collapse )
But...I feel like telling them to you, anyway, because I'm half-asleep and I've just had a major epiphany.  And I have nothing else better to do, because it's 1:30 in the morning and I don't want to go to sleep yet.
Making lists is FUN.Collapse )
Clairba feels the dire need to rant uncontrollably for the next...eleven minutes or so, or however long it takes to write this entry.
Follow MEEEE to the excitement, my babies...Collapse )
Okaaay....here's the survey, Lydia-dear.  YAY!  You ready to take it? ....

YOOOOU, click HEEEEREEE. Yay!Collapse )
This is what bored zoology students/Monkee fans do in their spare time...be afraid.  Be very afraid.
The Tapeworm Incident. ..which involves tapeworms. and Monkees.Collapse )
Uhh...so yeah. We dissected owl pellets today in zoology.  How...exciting!  Ahh, pulling apart predigested lumps of fur and bones is always fun...and I realize that I'm probably grossing you all out by talking about my exciting zoology adventures.  You'd probably be able to go on with your lives without hearing them...but I'm going to tell you anyway.

....uhh...my lab partner and I found some sort of large rodent in ours.  Not a squirrel, more like....maybe...small weasel?  Uhhh...baby rabbit, perhaps?  Or perhaps it was your little brother's pet rat?  Ah-hah, that's why it's been missing all this time!  Well, I have its fur and skeleton in a plastic bag in the zoology room at school, if you wanna go pick it up and have a funeral.  Poor little Squeaky.

Mike Nesmith came to me in a dream last night.  He was sitting at a coffee table, and I was watching him from the ceiling.  And he was crashing these Led Zeppelin LPs together as cymbals, and they were making cymbal-sounds.  Then he put them down on the coffee table and turned on the TV.  ...and that was the only part of my dream that I actually remember.  Odd. 

I officially fail at tennis.  Seriously.  I went to hit the ball, lost my grip, and hurled the racket at my friend.   Whoops.